District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) , Nagaon , Samaguri is the nodal institution at the district level (Nagaon district) for improving the quality of elementary education through transecting both pre-service training & in-service training for elementary school teachers. It also organizes and supports teachers professional development and leadership development programme for Head Master, Senior Teachers , School Management Committees of the district. It serves as an education resource center for the district and addresses action research programmes in the district.

Moreover DIET, Nagaon designs interventions for direct support to schools of elementary levels of the district.


Establishment :

It was in the year of 1989, that the DIET, Nagaon was established at Bheleuguri, a small village near Samaguri town, as per the recommendation of National Policy on Education, 1986. All total 216 District Institutes of Education andTraining were set up in our country in the 1st phase. Six of them were established in Assam and DIET, Nagaon, Samaguriwas one of those 1st phase DIETs.

It is the old BTC, Samaguri which has been abolished and DIET was established with a view to improving the qualitativeaspect of teachers education of the district.


Location :

DIET, Nagaon is situated at Samaguri on the National Highway No.37, surrounded by a village named Bheleuguri. It is at a distance of about 20 KM towards East from the district Headquarter, Nagaon. It is located on 26°35’ North latitude and between 92°69’ East longitudes.

Departments of DIET, Nagaon :

  1. Pre-Service Teachers Education (PSTE)
  2. District Resource Unit (DRU)
  3. In Service, Field Interaction and Coordination (IFIC)
  4. Curriculum, Material Development & Evaluation (CMDE)
  5. Work Experience (WE)
  6. Planning & Management (P&M)
  7. Educational Technology (ET)

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